Roy Lichtenstein – Between Sea and Sky
112 Seiten, 21 x 28 cm , 807 g.
Roy Lichtenstein – Between Sea and Sky
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In 1964, inspired by both art history and by imagery found on printed postcards, Lichtenstein began to explore the genre of seascape, using both paint, plastic, enamel, drawings, collage, print and even film to realize his various works. Guild Hall will host an extraordinary gathering of these work beginning with his Pop-inspired explorations of setting suns along with a recreation of his since destroyed Super Sunset billboard commission (1967). Other works in the show will include his experimental optical collages and films from the mid to late 1960s to his gently calibrated brushstroke water views in paintings and prints of the 1980s culminating with his 1990s water lily series in homage to the Nympheas of Claude Monet. The publication will also include an interview between Avis Berman and Lichtenstein s assistant, James de Pasquale on his recollections of working with the artist in the 1970s on his landscapes in his studio in Southampton, New York. The catalogue will feature a biography and chronology with rarely seen photographs of the artist at work in his various studios.
VerlagOfficina Libraria
EinbandartFester Einband
Autor(en)Jack Cowart, Avis Berman, Clare Bell
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