Hannamari Shakya – He Called Me A Sparrow
116 Seiten, 17 x 24 cm , 540 g.
Hannamari Shakya – He Called Me A Sparrow
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He Called Me a Sparrow is a long-term project where Hannamari Shakya turns her gaze inwards and looks at what she’s been nesting inside. Soon she realised that the traumas that she had were only partly hers – and partly her parents.

How to describe the indescribable and how to visualise the invisible?

The book is a visual study of something that cannot be seen. When something cannot be seen, it usually cannot be recognised. When it cannot be identified, it cannot be validated.

Although He Called Me A Sparrow is an index of agony and struggle, at the same time it is a remembrance of love, affection and forgiveness.
HerausgeberGösta Flemming
Autor(en)Hannamari Shakya
Artikel IDart-59716


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