Snøhetta: Collective Intuition (*Hurt)
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Snøhetta: Collective Intuition (*Hurt)
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The first in-depth monograph on one of the most important contemporary architecture practices working today

With offices in Oslo, Innsbruck, San Francisco, and New York, and projects all over the world, Snøhetta's architecture, landscape, interior, and branding design projects are created across political boundaries, at all scales, and are fundamentally concerned with the unique interactions between people and places.

Through stunning imagery and evocative narrative text, this book showcases 24 exceptional projects - including the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Pavilion and the Oslo Opera House - which, together, illustrate Snøhetta's boundary-pushing and highly collaborative approach to design.

The book is organized into three chapters: Integration of Disciplines, Political Space, and Generosity and Collective Ownership. The books is the perfect expression of the firm's values and how it has evolved over its 30-year history. Conversations with Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Gaute Brochmann lend depth and focus. An illustrated chronology and detailed architectural drawings provide deeper insight.
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Bemerkung(*Hurt): Dieses Buch ist nicht in perfektem Zustand, sondern hat leichte Lagerspuren
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