The Art of Elegance
256 Seiten, 25,1 x 30 cm , 1866 g.
The Art of Elegance
Classic Interiors
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Marshall Watson’s first book reveals how to make traditional interiors fresh.

Known for his meticulously researched, European-inspired style, Marshall Watson creates interiors that are rich in texture, detail, and simple luxuries. In his first book, Watson shares his finest work, demonstrating that while each of these homes is as unique as its owner, they all adhere to principles that transform a mere series of spaces into a genuine, coherent home: warmth; light; peace; comfort; balance; proportion; livability; and last but not least, appropriateness. Whether in an Italianate villa in Los Cabos or a family idyll on a Swedish island, a Gramercy Park apartment that blends shimmer and restraint, or a Newport Beach cottage warmed by walls finished in egg-yolk yellow, Watson explains how he translated each family’s lifestyle and aspirations, the house’s history, and the surrounding environment into a highly original form of elegance—and how anyone can discover his or her own.

Beautifully photographed with lavish images of Watson’s work, this inspiring book is a must-have for interior design lovers.
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Autor(en)Marshall Watson
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