Marvel by Design
320 Seiten, 25 x 33,5 cm , 2340 g.
Marvel by Design
Graphic Design Strategies of the World's Greatest Comics Company
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As one of the most recognizable brands in the world, Marvel has spent the last 80-plus years inspiring generations of creatives through its approach to visual storytelling. Marvel’s comic books, in particular, established a distinct graphic language that has found its way into mainstream culture, including 1960s Pop Art, and present-day digital culture, gaming, advertising, and more.
Marvel By Design will celebrate the company’s visual language with an in-depth exploration of the design process behind the brand’s most recognizable graphical elements including logos, covers, lettering, layout, and color palettes. Readers will learn how the renowned Marvel Method established a unique approach to the creative process and how that process can serve as a template for creatives working beyond comics.

Throughout the book, Marvel By Design will connect the dots between comic book culture and its undeniable influence in every creative field including the evolution of graphic design, editorial design, movies, and visual culture at large.
HerausgeberRobert Klanten, Andrea Servert, Liz Stinson
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonLiz Stinton, Asher Elbein, Chris Eliopoulos et al.
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