Herman Miller – A Way of Living (*Hurt)
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Herman Miller – A Way of Living (*Hurt)
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The acclaimed chronicle of the rich history of this innovative furniture company, from its founding in the early twentieth century to today

For more than 100 years, Michigan-based Herman Miller has played a central role in the evolution of modern and contemporary design, producing timeless classics while creating a culture that has had a remarkable impact on the development of the design world. Herman Miller is known as much for its pioneering designs and international influence as for its emphasis on environment and community service.

In this far reaching survey, new and archival photography illustrates the evolution of Herman Miller's furniture designs over the course of the century. Featuring the stories and creations of legendary designers including Ray and Charles Eames, George Nelson, and Alexander Girard, and through its thousands of illustrations, this book tells the Herman Miller story as never before, documenting its defining moments and key leaders, and making Herman Miller: A Way of Living an indispensable volume for the bookshelves of design-lovers around the globe.
HerausgeberAmy Auscherman, Sam Grawe, Leon Ransmeier
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