José Miguel Angulo Manso – The Giants Whisper
190 Seiten, 31,3 x 27,3 cm , 1800 g.
José Miguel Angulo Manso – The Giants Whisper
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A unique photography art book about the wildlife in Kenya. A soulful and evocative story in the dusty plains of Amboseli, the best place on Earth to photograph elephants. This book is the result of more than three years of intensive work. Contanining a selection of more than 90 exclusive images taken in this singular ecosystem, with the narrative of the photography expeditions to Africa made by Jose Miguel, explaining the initial idea development, the preparation of the expeditions and the execution in the field of this exciting project. A unique story from the photographer and human perspectives. Special attention has been given to the quality of the images, the materials used in the production of the book and the printing quality. A must have soulful and emotional work for nature and photography lovers. Raising awareness, support to the wildlife in Africa and the local Maasai are key objectives of this book.
VerlagJosé Miguel Angulo Manso
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