Vanessa Winship – And Time Folds
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Vanessa Winship – And Time Folds
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'And Time Folds' accompanies a retrospective exhibition of the British photographer Vanessa Winship at the Barbican Art Gallery, London. At once intimate and epic, Winship’s black-and-white photographs explore notions of borders, land, memory, desire and history. This volume comprises photographs from seven series, including projects made during a decade living in the region of the Balkans, Turkey and the Caucasus; as well as work made in Georgia, America and the U.K. Winship has long been concerned with the elusive nature of transience in our landscape and society, and her oeuvre moves sure-footedly between genres – reportage, documentary, portraiture and landscape. Alongside her luminous photographs, 'And Time Folds' brings together personal archival material that reveals Winship's thought process, working methods, and the importance of the written word, as well as an extensive essay by the renowned photography historian David Chandler, proffering a multi-faceted view of her work and artistic trajectory.

Vanessa Winship (b. 1960 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom) is a photographer, whos projects have received numerous awards including the World Press Photo, Leica Oskar Barnack Award, Sony World Photography Awards, Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, and the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson prize. 'And Time Folds' is her fourth book following 'she dances on Jackson' (MACK, 2013), 'Schwarzes Meer' (2007) and 'Sweet Nothings' (2008).
VerlagMACK Books
Beiträge vonDavid Chandler
Museum / OrtBarbican Art Gallery London
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