Vanessa Winship – she dances on Jackson | Collector's Edition
144 Seiten, 24 x 27 cm
Vanessa Winship – she dances on Jackson | Collector's Edition
Signed Book + Print (no. 37 of 50)
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Limited edition of 50 copies, each comprising a signed copy of the first printing of the MACK edition of the book, housed in a printed linen slipcase with a signed and numbered print. [signed and numbered in pencil on back, 1/50 - 50/50]

In 2011 Vanessa Winship was the recipient of the Henri Cartier Bresson Award which funds an artist to pursue a new photographic project. For over a year Winship travelled across the United States, from California to Virginia, New Mexico to Montana, in pursuit of the fabled ‘American dream’. "she dances on Jackson" presents a conversation, a lyrical and lilting interaction between landscape and portrait exploring the vastness of the United States and attempting to understand the link between a territory and its inhabitants. For Winship this relationship is inextricable; places accrue particular meanings according to the people she meets, what she sees, and by what's happening to her personally. Each human encounter, sound and smell adds extra dimensions to her work and the resulting photographs.

"she dances on Jackson" marks a progression. Stylistically similar to her previous work using black and white film and a large format camera, Winship’s portraits remain arresting and unnerving but this body of work reveals her to also be a skilled landscape photographer. For Winship photography is a process of literacy, a path by which she understands life. Her intimate approach enables the reader to glimpse the world as she sees it, if only for a moment.
VerlagMACK Books
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BemerkungVorzugsausgabe bestehend aus signiertem Buch der Erstausgabe und einem signierten und nummerierten Print (Nr. 37 von 50)
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