Jackson Pollock – A Catalogue Raisonné
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Jackson Pollock – A Catalogue Raisonné
Paintings, drawings, and other Works (5 vols.)
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„The massive four‐volumё catalogue that Francis V. O'Connor and Eugene V. Thaw have now given us documents 1,096 works produced between 1930 and 1956, and illustrates almost all of them in black and white. In addition, there are 45 works reproduced color. For every Item, including the most minor, there is an appropriate entry listing the date and place of execution (where these are definitely known), the medium, size, exhibition history, physical condition, provenance and present ownership, publications in which it has been discussed or illustrated, and sometimes even information on the time it took the artist to complete it.

Naturally, the length of the entries varies. Many are brief, but some are augmented with “Remarks” about the career of the individual work, and to some — the most widely discussed — the bibliographical details run on and on. There are also references to archival material where it is known.

Volume IV includes an extensive documentary chronology of “The Life of Jackson Pollock, 1912‐1956,” and this is illustrated with photographs of the artist and his family, friends, studios and exhibitions. It also includes a section devoted to “False Attributions.” The other volumes include biographical details related to the individual works they document.

In “Jackson Pollock: A Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings, Drawings, and Other Works,” Messrs. O'Connor and Thaw have surely produced the single most important work on the New York School we have yet had. It is a model of scholarly intelligence.“ (The New York Times)

Includes the supplement No. 1 to the 1978 landmark catalogue raisonné of Jackson Pollock's work contains entries for forty-eight new-found works by Jackson Pollock and entries for several problematic or minor objects.

Jackson Pollock – Supplement Number One
Francis Valentine O'Connor (ed.). Pollock-Krasner Foundation 1995. Contributors Eugene Victor Thaw. English. 90 pages, mit zahlr. farb. & s/w Abb. 29,3 x 29,7 cm. 1534 g. Cloth in decorative slipcase. 9780964463905.
HerausgeberFrancis V. O'Connor, Eugene V. Thaw
VerlagYale University Press
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