Michael Gillette – Drawn in Stereo
192 Seiten, 25,4 x 29,2 cm
Michael Gillette – Drawn in Stereo
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Inspired by experience in the music industry and origins as an aspiring pop star, British artist Michael Gillette delivers his greatest hits, demos, and rare cuts of the past three decades in DRAWN IN STEREO. Showcasing pieces produced for Beastie Boys, Paul McCartney, MGMT, and Beck―among many others―DRAWN IN STEREO focuses on Gillette’s ability to channel music into compelling visual art. Gillette shares a curated collection of artistic approaches, including installations, fashion sketches, music video animation stills, and magazine contributions for Spin and The New Yorker. Filled with selections from more than 20 years of work created in Britain and America, DRAWN IN STEREO encompasses a wide spectrum of visual directions and celebrates many key projects. Featuring a foreword by Fred Deakin and interview by Elastica’s Justine Frischmann, DRAWN IN STEREO reveals an inspired life, ranging from Britpop London and rooming with the Aphex Twin to a decade of creativity in San Francisco.
VerlagAmmo Books
EinbandartFester Einband
Autor(en)Michael Gillette
Artikel IDart-19862


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