Jasper Johns
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Jasper Johns
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This handsomely illustrated exhibition catalogue presents the most iconic paintings, sculptures, works on paper and collages of Jasper Johns, one of the most influential American artists of the last sixty years.

His astonishing works incorporate the use of popular iconography, such as flags, numbers and maps. These are rendered with a distinctive textural, painterly surface, resulting in striking pieces with colossal impact.

Contributions to this fascinating publication come from leading authorities on Johns's work, including Roberta Bernstein, Professor at the University at Albany, New York (SUNY) and author of the catalogue raisonné of Jasper Johns’s paintings and sculptures, and Edith Devaney, Curator of Contemporary Projects at the Royal Academy of Arts.
HerausgeberRoberta Bernstein
VerlagRoyal Academy
Beiträge vonRobert Storr, Edith Devaney, Morgan Meis et al.
Museum / OrtRoyal Academy of Arts, London
Artikel IDart-28661


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