Marcel Duchamp – The Bachelor Stripped Bare
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Marcel Duchamp – The Bachelor Stripped Bare
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Marcel Duchamp – The Bachelor Stripped Bare is not the first full-length biography of Duchamp, but it is the first to present him in all his human contradictions and to take a refreshingly objective look at his real contribution to twentieth-century art.

The well-known facts are explored here: Duchamp's myriad personal relations (with family, lovers, collectors, and artists ranging from Man Ray, Picabia, and Breton to the Stettheimer sisters and the Arensbergs); the creation of major works such as the "readymades" and the Large Glass; his passion for chess and presumed abandonment of painting.

But beyond this, Alice Goldfarb Marquis looks past the diffident, humorous mask that Duchamp wore with friend and acquaintance alike, to explore the passions and insecurities that motivated many of his artistic and personal evolutions. And she separates the artist from the con artist, to determine just how profound an influence Duchamp has been.
VerlagMFA Publications
Autor(en)Alice Goldfarb Marquis
Artikel IDart-28712


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