Martin d'Orgeval – Sur Face
72 Seiten, 27 x 33,6 cm , 946 g.
Martin d'Orgeval – Sur Face
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In Sur Face Martin d’Orgeval captures lyrical details of everyday surfaces, small visual miracles that we might otherwise miss.

Whether it is paint splattered on a road, a dirt-covered windshield, a hushed heap of snow or delicate folded paper forms defined in strong light, d’Orgeval’s focus is on patiently accumulating, in Erri De Luca’s words, a “collection of visions” that reveals the extraordinary in the mundane. “But where does he see such things?” continues De Lucca, “In what sort of place do these photographs exist? I’ve roamed this world for longer than him and I’ve never found the like—nothing to remind me of what these surfaces display. They are statements of matter revealing itself to him, saying: I am this. Yet it is said only to him, to the apple of his eye.”
SpracheEnglisch, Französisch, Italienisch
Autor(en)Martin D'Orgeval
Beiträge vonErri de Luca
Artikel IDart-31369


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