Allan Greenberg – Classical Architect
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Allan Greenberg – Classical Architect
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This monograph showcases the exquisite architecture of Allan Greenberg, one of the most influential architects of the classical movement. A leading exponent of classical architecture, Allan Greenberg has drawn on a vast knowledge of ancient styles in the design of his illustrious list of projects.

His work is renowned for its historically inspired facades, its classical detail, and the highest level of craftsmanship. Collaborating with leading sculptors, wood-carvers, mosaicists, metalworkers, and ornamental plasterers to create beautiful details that make his work unique, Greenberg has produced buildings that radiate a sense of classic beauty and artistic integrity.

This monograph celebrates Greenberg's esteemed career by showcasing in depth his private houses, apartments, university buildings, and civic buildings that demonstrate his lifelong commitment to traditional styles, unparalleled quality, and decorative expression. With specially commissioned photographs of exteriors, interiors, and details as well as original drawings and plans, the book is an important addition to any architecture library and an inspiration to interior designers and homeowners with an appreciation for fine architecture and interiors.
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