Craig McDean – Manual
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Craig McDean – Manual
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Before he was one of the fashion world's most revered and sought-after photographers, Craig McDean trained and worked as a car mechanic in his hometown of Middlewich, England.

In this new volume (the highly anticipated follow-up to McDean's lauded first monograph, Amber, Guinevere, and Kate), the photographer celebrates his two main passions: cars and fashion.

With McDean's trademark energy and glamour, the images in this book capture the beauty, mystery, and sex appeal inherent in both the worlds of luxury fashion and luxury automobiles. Featuring some of fashion's most well-known models juxtaposed against images of flame-covered race cars and chromium steel car parts, Craig McDean – Manual is a stylish exploration of the ways that fashion and car racing collide.
EinbandartFester Einband im Schuber
Autor(en)Craig McDean, Lisa Naftolin
Artikel IDart-51674


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