Karin Apollonia Mueller – Angels in Fall
88 Seiten, 30,4 x 26,7 cm , 930 g.
Karin Apollonia Mueller – Angels in Fall
Rodney Sappington (text)
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Karin Müller's photography brilliantly interprets the landscape of Los Angeles from a new point of view--here landscape is displayed as a slice of the earth's surface, never purely representative of geography, region, or city. Landscapes are never stable--they evoke human absence as well as human presence, and shift with the spatio-temporal coordinates of human desire.

Müller's L.A. is a world where the synthetic and global have overtaken the natural and the local, where the landscape has become a mercurial web of living dreams. Her images are both immediately real and eerily distant depictions of the vertiginous changes unraveling our everyday lives--she captures an era in which economic change is written on the streets, the bodies, and the transformation of just about every form of the built (and natural) environment.

Conceived and realized in collaboration with the anthropologist and writer Rodney Sappington, »Angels in Fall« is a moving visual and textual document of this most bewildering of contemporary cities.

"Karin Apollonia Mueller's Angels in Fall is the most convincing photographic representation of Los Angeles since that of Ed Ruscha in the 1960s and Robert Adams' Los Angeles Spring of 1986."—Martin Parr and Gerry Badger,
The Photobook, vol. II
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