L'officiel 100
368 Seiten, 20,8 x 27,4 cm , 1769 g.
L'officiel 100
One Hundred People and Ideas from a Century in Fashion
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A century of innovation from "the Bible of fashion and of high society," featuring magazine covers, illustrations, ephemera and more

Founded in 1921, the iconic French fashion magazine L’Officiel was designed for fashion designers, buyers, clothing manufacturers and agents. Within a short time, it helped start the careers of designers such as Pierre Balmain, Cristóbal Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Yves St. Laurent.

On the occasion of L’Officiel’s 100th anniversary, this superbly designed volume appraises the magazine’s august history and the culture around it. With 1,000 illustrations, carefully selected from the magazine’s invaluable archives, it offers an overview of the fashion industry and its history from Paul Poiret to Christian Dior, supermodels and “It Girls,” also exploring Paris as a fashion capital. Among the themes explored by the authors are newness, globalism, artistry and “Frenchness.”

Through magazine covers, illustrations, design, photographs, advertising campaigns, iconic accessories, portraits and artworks, the reader will rediscover old celebrities and encounter a veritable tapestry of connections between eras.
HerausgeberStefano Tonchi, Marco Pecorari
Beiträge vonAntoine Bucher, Sarah Cheang, Emanuele Coccia et al.
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