National Geographic – The 21st Century (*Hurt)
400 Seiten, 25,1 x 27,6 cm , 2018 g.
National Geographic – The 21st Century (*Hurt)
Photographs from the Image Collection
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The best photographs of the first 21 years of the 21st century take center stage in this incredible volume of National Geographic's world-famous imagery.

In just two short decades of the 21st century, National Geographic has ushered in a new era of visual storytelling excellence, including innovations in digital, drone, and smartphone photography, and reached out to a global audience through one of the world's most popular Instagram accounts, @NatGeo. In these 21 years, photography has transformed from a rarefied discipline to a universal medium of communication, available in the palm of everyone with a mobile phone. Through it all, National Geographic has remained at the forefront, shining a light on the beauty, wonder, and heartbreak of the world.
A remarkable collection, The 21st Century culls more than 250 of the very best, most impactful National Geographic images across print, digital, and social media, celebrating:
- Extraordinary wildlife
- Unique cultures around the world
- Beautiful landscapes
- One-of-a-kind portrait photography
- And behind-the-shot stories from celebrated National Geographic photographers like Joel Sartore, Nick Nichols, Jodi Cobb, Anand Varma, and Evgenia Arbugaeva.
HerausgeberNational Geographic
VerlagNational Geographic Society
EinbandartFester Einband
Bemerkung(*Hurt) Buch nicht in perfektem Zustand! Regalspuren!
Beiträge vonLynsey Addario, Stephen Alvarez, Evgenia Arbugaeva et al.
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