The Art of Cartooning & Illustration
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The Art of Cartooning & Illustration
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From the scholarly cartoons of The New Yorker to the laugh-out-loud illustrations of the Sunday funnies, cartooning and animation have been popular artistic genres for myriad eras. In The Art of Cartooning & Illustration, aspiring cartoon artists will learn the basics of traditional cartooning and animation, as well as how to develop their own unique cartooning style, write storylines, and create gags.

Beginning with an overview of the basic tools and materials, artists will discover everything they need to know about selecting and using pencils, erasers, paper, markers, and pens. This all-inclusive resource introduces artists to the elements of the craft, including composition, perspective, foreshortening, and color theory, supplying them with the valuable knowledge they need to achieve their desired results. Artists will learn a variety of cartooning techniques, such as the squash and stretch principle, exaggerating details, anthropomorphizing inanimate objects, and more. Beginning and experienced cartoonists alike will find comprehensive instructions for creating contemporary characters and expressions, from heads, to hands, to body shapes. Then artists will learn how to put those characters in action by creating movement, such as walking, jumping, dancing, and stretching. And no cartoon would be complete without learning to write dialogue.

The Art of Cartooning & Illustration also includes helpful tips and suggestions for lettering and drawing voice balloons, as well as coordinating dialogue with movement. Finally, this book instructs artists on how to use digital imaging software to add color and special effects to their finished artwork. With its breadth of subject matter and instruction, The Art of Cartooning & Illustration is a must-have for any cartoonist's library.
VerlagWalter Foster Publishing
Autor(en)Jack Keely, Clay Butler, Dan D'Addario et al.
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