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R.B.KITAJ is recognized as a modern master whose powerful, controversial and highly personal paintings, pastels and drawings reflect his commitment to the human figure as a subject and his complex involvement with the art of the past, with political and social issues and with his own Jewish identity.

Marco Livingstone's definitive and much-praised monograph on Kitaj, based on an extraordinary series of interviews and letters between the artist and the author, provides full documentation of Kitaj's life and work. The artist himself participated actively in the original conceptionof the book, and many of the articulate and revealing 'prefaces' he wrote about his own paintings are also included here.

For this fourth and final edition, the author has written a new chaptersurveying Kitaj's work from 1999 to 2007, an extremely productive period following the tragic death of his wife, the artist Sandra Fisher, and his return to the United States. This text is complemented by an expanded and generously illustrated section of works spanning Kitaj's entire career, as well as a number of additional prefaces written by the artist. The bibliography has been updated and the catalogue of works completed, and many illustrations that were black and white in earlier editions are now reproduced in full colour. The result is the world's most authoritative monograph on one of modern art's outstanding talents.


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