Winslow Homer
240 Seiten, 25 x 29 cm , 1837 g.
Winslow Homer
An American Vision
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Winslow Homer (1836–1910) was one of the most important American painters of the late nineteenth century. His prolific output, embracing a wide range of styles and themes, is characterized by uncompromising realism and a strong sense of graphic design, a legacy of his early years as a magazine illustrator. He first came to prominence as a painter with his depictions of the Civil war, and his scenes of rural American youth, Adirondack hunters, and north-Atlantic fishermen have become iconic American images.

Randall Griffin’s thoroughly researched yet very readable study not only presents a full account of Homer’s life and work, but also a fresh and provocative reassessment of his place in the history of American art. Homer’s work is popular and accessible, and Griffin’s text aims to be the same. His solid documentation, original research and fresh interpretation will satisfy the needs of scholars and general readers alike.
HerausgeberJane Ace
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Autor(en)Randall C. Griffin
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