Timothy Prus – The Luton Auguries
112 Seiten, 13 x 18,5 cm , 262 g.
Timothy Prus – The Luton Auguries
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The Luton Auguries began with the purchase of the newspaper archives of the city of Luton. From this vast source material, Timothy Prus selects and assembles a series of images, creating a surrealist storyline. Applying invented legends to the stories in the images, he invites the viewer into the fantasy of the narrative he creates.

Editor and collector Timothy Prus has been interested in amateur found images long before the subject was picked up and accepted in most of contemporary art. He has gathered over 4 million images and released them in dozens of publications under the title “Archives of Modern Conflict”.
HerausgeberMatthieur Charon, Rémi Faucheux, RVB Books
VerlagRVB Books
Autor(en)Timothy Prus
Artikel IDart-59791


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