Vitor Casemiro – Shadow over Shadow
127 Seiten, 21,6 x 28 cm , 326 g.
Vitor Casemiro – Shadow over Shadow
2022 Kassel Dummy Award Winner
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“The dark side of life – corrupted politics, conspiracy theorists, organized crime, psychopathic killers, false prayers and fake news. Looking at the world today we seem to slide into a „New Noir“. SHADOW OVER SHADOW plays an elegant fiction / non-fiction game with our perception. What comes as an illustrated script for a shady B-Movie is Vitor Casimeros childhood dream – to make a Film Noir. With the help of images culled from the immense public digital collection of the United States Library of Congress – all made in the US between the 1930s and 1960s, Casimiro has genuinely translated the language of cinema into the language of a photobook. The well-chosen and edited images and the characters he created in his self written script, a Detective, a Femme fatale and a Boxer, constantly draw you further into the story and the book. This visual research into the tropes, clichés and genre conventions of American crime films is an outstanding photobook and a worthy dummy award winner. Congratulations Vitor!”

– Frederic Lezmi & Markus Schaden, The PhotoBookMuseum, Cologne, Germany
HerausgeberMateus Acioli
Autor(en)Vitor Casemiro
Artikel IDart-60127


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