Alice Wong – Painting Photographs
76 Seiten, 24,1 x 29,8 cm , 646 g.
Alice Wong – Painting Photographs
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TBW Books is pleased to announce the publication of Painting Photographs, a new book by Creative Growth Art Center artist Alice Wong. Wong's bold interpretation of vintage vernacular photographs breathes new life into family album kitsch and cliché shots of plants and landscapes, transforming them into a hyper-color plane of vivid abstraction. Using paint markers to enhance and obscure the formal qualities of appropriated imagery, Wong's hand brings energy to each underlying image, recalibrating the viewer's eye and sparking appreciation for otherwise still compositions. With fluid mark-making and a striking approach to color-blocking, Wong's craft merges with the photographic process to create work that feels at once of times past and completely contemporary.

Creative Growth Art Center is the oldest and largest nonprofit art studio for artists with developmental disabilities in the United States. Since 1974, Creative Growth has played a significant role in increasing public interest in the artistic capabilities and achievements of people with disabilities, providing a professional studio environment for artistic development, gallery exhibition and representation.
HerausgeberPaul Schiek
VerlagTBW Books
Artikel IDart-59856


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