The International Best Dressed List
288 Seiten, 23,7 x 31,1 cm , 2000 g.
The International Best Dressed List
The Official Story
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A lavishly illustrated banquet of style, elegance, and taste, this is a who's who of the most glamorous men and women around the world, the ultimate treasury of fashion inspiration.

This sumptuous volume--the ultimate sourcebook for fashion mavens, Instagram followers, and celebrity worshippers--presents the complete history of the much-lauded and highly visible International Best-Dressed List (IBDL) launched by Eleanor Lambert, "Godmother of Fashion," in 1940. The List has become a barometer of style and the highest honor a sartorial savant can receive, and today it's an ongoing record of the world's most glamorous women and men from society, royalty, Hollywood, celebrity, fashion, art, culture, sports, and media. These gorgeous "swans" of elegance, influence, and grace are gathered here in the most comprehensive survey ever published.

This rich story is told by insider and IBDL Hall-of-Famer Amy Fine Collins through her encyclopedic knowledge, exclusive insights, and countless entertaining anecdotes about the behind-the-scenes goings-on--Lambert was offered kickbacks and bribes of up to $50,000 by list aspirants--that shed light on the selection process, the vibrant personalities (not to mention egos) of the chosen, and the zeitgeist of the times.
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Autor(en)Amy Fine Collins
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