The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler
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The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler
...the tragic comedy of suburban sprawl
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James Howard Kunstler has been described as "one of the most outrageous commentators on the American built environment." An outspoken critic of suburban sprawl, Kunstler is often controversial and always provocative. The KunstlerCast is based on the popular weekly podcast of the same name, which features Kunstler in dialogue with author Duncan Crary, offering a personal window into Kunstler's world view.

Presented as a long-form conversational interview, The KunstlerCast revisits and updates all the major ideas contained in Kunstler's body of work, including: The need to rethink current sources of transportation and energy; the failure of urban planning, architecture, and industrial society; America's plastic, dysfunctional culture; the reality of Peak Oil.

Whether sitting in the studio, strolling city streets, visiting a suburban mall, or even "happy motoring", Kunstler's grim predictions Kunstler makes about America's prospects are leavened by his signature sharp wit and humor. This book is rounded out by commentary, footnotes, and supplemental vignettes told from the perspective of an "embedded" reporter on the Kunstler beat.

Readers may or may not agree with the more dystopian of Kunstler's visions. Regardless, The KunstlerCast is bound to inspire a great deal of thought, laugher, and, hopefully, action.
VerlagNew Society Publishers
Autor(en)Duncan Crary
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