Douglas Kirkland – A Life in Pictures
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Douglas Kirkland – A Life in Pictures
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This comprehensive volume of images honors Douglas Kirkland, the talented photographer who has been such an integral leading force in contemporary culture and photography.

Douglas Kirkland has amassed an impressive body of work throughout his 50-year photography career, his images running the gamut from stars and filmmakers, to classics and collectables, to love and nudes. Here, the photographer presents a collection of his images accompanied by a story of his career's development told from his perspective. Kirkland worked for such publications as Look Magazine and Life Magazine, but his career took off with his legendary 1961 Marilyn Monroe shoot for Look's 25th anniversary issue, the photographs from which are still recreated by stars today.

Featuring an insightful foreword by acclaimed director Baz Luhrmann and his award-winning wife, Catherine Martin, this volume reveals both Kirkland and his prolific work.
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Beiträge vonBaz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin
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