Bryan Adams – Untitled
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Bryan Adams – Untitled
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Is it skin, the surface of the moon, aerial photographs of forests or barren earth? Is it the night sky or the galaxies above our heads? Are these abstract images of the atmosphere, or simply what is beneath our feet and we just need to stop to notice it? These are all possibilities when looking at this new series of photos by Bryan Adams.

During the first weeks of 2015, while visiting the island of Mustique in the Grenadine Islands, West Indies, Adams noticed abstract black-and-white patterns on the sand formed by the waves of the Caribbean Sea. He photographed these formations over a few days, and when showing the photos to others, most thought it was perhaps the night sky. This uncanny resemblance between the two things was the inspiration for this book.

Following his two volumes of portraiture, Exposed (Steidl, 2012) and Wounded (Steidl, 2013), Untitled is a large-format book featuring Adams’ abstract graphic images along with an introduction on the sea, its unstoppable force and incredible beauty.
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