Lewis Bush – Shadows of the State
180 Seiten, 18 x 28 cm , 900 g.
Lewis Bush – Shadows of the State
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The Cold War ended in 1991, but echoes of it can still be heard today. One example of this are numbers stations, short wave radio broadcasts of coded messages, believed to be intended for undercover agents in enemy states. Despite originating in the darkest days of the last century these transmissions continue today, with broadcasts occurring daily from countries including Russia, Cuba, and North Korea.

Shadows of the State is a photographic project by Lewis Bush which investigates these mysterious broadcasts and attempts to locate the likely transmitter sites of thirty of these stations. These sites are then mapped using high resolution satellite imagery and displayed alongside radio spectrograms, audio recordings, and extensive information about each station.

Shortlisted for the LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award 2015, the Bar Tur Book Award 2015, Self-Publish Riga Dummy Award 2016 and the LUMA Rencontres Dummy Book Award 2016. Featured on Wired, Vice, Featureshoot, The Week, GUP Magazine, Huck Magazine, Wallpaper Mag, Gigazine, Bird in Flight, Co.Design, The British Journal of Photography.
VerlagBrave Books
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