Anastasia Lisitsyna – Raw
32 Seiten, 21,5 x 27,5 cm , 400 g.
Anastasia Lisitsyna – Raw
Seasons Series #10 | Summer
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Seasons Series draws inspiration from Kim Ki-Duk’s seminal film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring in which different actors, for each season, play the same character who is abandoned on a lake next to a floating monastery. The film specifically focuses on the shifting nature of the seasons and its effects on the protagonist’s fosterage. The books take their lead from the film in that simple and profound ideas, human passions and spirituality can be perceived differently depending on the season.

Seasons Series is a quarterly book series, in which a group of artists are brought together under one vision with a focus on each artist’s singular way of seeing. Each of the books in the series will focus on differing subjects and all monographs will showcase the artist’s unique approach to photography. All the books in the series will maintain the same size, dimensions and page count. The first 25 of each will come as a special edition containing a print.

We hereby continue the book series with new works by Anastasia Lisitsyna (b. 1995, Russian).
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