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Edited by La Fábrica Editorial and the Ajuntament of Barcelona, Barcelona Crea is a look at the vitality of this key city in the world of creation. A broiling pot of talented people who, one by one, have built up an international brand, a style and a tradition. Architecture, Dance, Dramatic Art, Theatre, Plastic Art, Literature, Visual Art, Comics, Fashion, Music, Industrial Design, Food. these are the fields covered by this book. An initial selection, which can be extended in the future to other genres, which share more and more space with the art world. Barcelona Crea. 300 Artists, 30 Creation Centres is a living dictionary which reviews and displays the people behind the creativity of this city. A dictionary of three hundred creators, almost all of them aged under seventy. Ambitious, and of course limited. A list is always a subjective exercise. These 300 creators are representative of modern creation, but they are not the only ones. Our book could include many more names which are also a part of this creative city. In order to choose the ones which finally appeared we opted for relying on the sector itself. We have used a clear work method, and we believe this makes this book particularly interesting: using an initial list of great names, we asked the creators themselves to propose other names from the next generation, who we in turn asked to suggest those from the youngest generation. In this way, little by little, and as judged by the creators themselves, this dictionary was built. The end result is the book you are holding. 300 creators and 30 creation centres: the indispensible framework -supported by public institutions or private enterprise- for the artistic fabric of a city like Barcelona to bear fruit.
HerausgeberTono Angulo Daneri, Matías Néspolo, Jorge Megías
VerlagLa Fabrica
SpracheEnglisch, Spanisch, katal.
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