Hiroji Kubota – Photographer
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Hiroji Kubota – Photographer
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Over the course of a career spanning more than 50 years, Magnum photographer Hiroji Kubota has spent his life traveling extensively and documenting the world around him.

From his coverage of the Black Panther Party in the mid-1960s to his incomparable access to North Korea, Kubota has prolifically captured the histories of diverse cultures throughout the world. This sumptuous visual biography encompasses the best images of his life's work, broken down into chapters, with illuminating narrative texts throughout. Rooted in his experience of a Japan ravaged by destruction and famine at the end of World War II, Kubota's work is characterized by a desire to find beauty and honor in human experience.

Hiroji Kubota – Photographer includes all of Kubota's key bodies of work, including his many extended trips to China, Burma, the United States, and North and South Korea, as well as his home country, Japan.
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