Nao Tsuda – Iheya Izena (sign.)
144 Seiten, 18 x 22 cm , 310 g.
Nao Tsuda – Iheya Izena (sign.)
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In revisiting Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture many times, and the islands of Iheya and Izena in particular, photographer Nao Tsuda set out to document the lives and culture of the Ryukyuan, the indigenous people of the Ryukyu Islands that are strung between southern Japan and Taiwan. Ryukyuans are Japan’s largest minority group, yet their culture has been severely embattled since the 19th century, especially in Okinawa with its more recent history of United States occupation. As Tsuda notes, the reality of these people reveals a great deal of difference from mainland Japan, with unique religious practices, female priests, and sacred sites. This book is a testament to their struggle.
VerlagLim Art
SpracheEnglisch, jap.
BemerkungSigniert von Nao Tsuda
Beiträge vonMegumi Tomiyama
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