Tsutomu Yamagata – Thirteen Orphans
56 Seiten, 20 x 19 cm , 206 g.
Tsutomu Yamagata – Thirteen Orphans
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A beautiful re-release of Tsutomu Yamagata’s portrait series of the unique individuals he met around Ueno Park’s Shinobazu Pond.

“There is something about the people I met at the park that peculiarly attracts me, something more than just how they look, just what they say about themselves. It is as if they had a kind of magnetic power, unseen and quiet, further attracting those who take a close look at them." (Tsutomu Yamagata)

This new publication by Zen Foto Gallery and Case Publishing adds 15 previously unreleased portraits to Yamagata’s original 2012 release.
HerausgeberHiroshi Onishi
VerlagCase Publishing
SpracheEnglisch, jap.
Beiträge vonMark Pearson
Artikel IDart-27719


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