Constance Guisset – Corps Flottants
13,5 x 21 cm , 323 g.
Constance Guisset – Corps Flottants
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Constance Guisset draws. Oftentimes at the studio, as a starting point for an idea that will turn into a design object or scenography. But drawing also comes along as time stands still, away from any duty or purpose. It is not about drawing at work anymore, but drawing to break free. Corps flottants is a series born out of this spontaneity: it was at the sea that these “ghosts of lockdown”, as Constance Guisset likes to call them, first took shape. This book, deliberately exempt of any text, offers a space of free expression for these pencil drawings. Mischievous and colourful ghosts float and shift throughout the pages, until they become illuminated bodies on pitch black pages. As one puts the book away, the drawings leave an imprint on the vision, like the evidence of a memory that even the motion of the sea cannot completely wipe out.
VerlagChose Commune
EinbandartOffene Fadenheftung
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