Georgia O'Keeffe
32 Seiten, 21,5 x 26,4 cm , 404 g.
Georgia O'Keeffe
Portrait of an Artist
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A beautifully told art story for children, looking at Georgia O'Keeffe's life through her masterpieces. Accompanied by stunning original illustrations from Alice Wietzel. The Portrait of an Artist series is an excellent introduction to art and its importance to our world.

Georgia O'Keeffe is known as the Mother of American Modernism, discover why in this first story book about Georgia O'Keeffe. From humble beginnings living on a prairie farm, to taking the New York art scene by storm, to living a solitary life in the New Mexican desert, find out how Georgia's extraordinary life unfolded and how each place changed the ways her paintings came out. See how her life shaped her much loved masterpieces and find out why she is such an important figure in the history of art. An O'Keeffe masterpiece is featured on every spread. This art story also includes a closer look at 10 of O'Keeffe's masterpieces at the back.
HerausgeberGeorgia Amson-Bradshaw
VerlagWide Eyed Editions
EinbandartFester Einband
Autor(en)Lucy Brownridge
Beiträge vonAlice Wietzel
Artikel IDart-49777


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