Béatrice Helg
168 Seiten, 27,5 x 35,5 cm , 1792 g.
Béatrice Helg
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This book is the most important monograph devoted to the Swiss artist-photographer Beatrice Helg. It offers a survey of her work from the past twenty-five years, and is accompanied by a poem dedication by Robert Wilson, critical essays by Serge Linares and Philippe Piguet, and a poem by Sylviane Dupuis.

Helg's oeuvre has a singular position within the photographic tradition of "constructed images." Remote from hyperrealist or narrative imagery, her work displays abstract forms and luminous worlds. Drawing on a passion for music and a marked sensitivity to notions of space and time, to architecture, and to the staging of plays and operas, the artist creates monumental spaces in which sculpture, painting, installation, and light interact.

As poetic as they are spiritual, her photographs show strangely beautiful universes of shadow and of light. Her work opens onto an infinity - onto a quest for the absolute or a search for inner mystery.
VerlagFive Continents
SpracheEnglisch, Französisch
Autor(en)Robert Wilson, Serge Linarès, Philippe Piguet et al.
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