Helga Härenstam – Ylandet & Människan / Howling & Humans
92 Seiten, 18 x 22 cm , 412 g.
Helga Härenstam – Ylandet & Människan / Howling & Humans
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Some time ago, I came across a book entitled The Seasons, written in the 18th century by James Thomson. I have created the texts in this book by translating, deleting, adding, combining words and writing new ones, inspired by the poems I found.

I started taking photographs inspired by these texts and looked for connections between the words and the things I saw in my time, in my life. I cruised between the fall of kings and gods, roaring floods, a beauty that may be stupid in the heart, drowning people, an I, a we, a conversation with a you, the memory of a first derailment, the small life going on, and the big one, the apocalypse, a rattling gaze that holds what you look at in the threads, a howling child, and a song.
HerausgeberHelga Härenstam, Gösta Flemming
EinbandartFester Einband
SpracheEnglisch, Schwedisch
Artikel IDart-59717


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