Polar Explorations
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Polar Explorations
To the Ends of the Earth
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Join one of the foremost polar explorers of our generation on transcontinental crossings of each polar cap as never before seen—and maybe never seen again.

With his unrivaled photography taken during transcontinental crossings of each polar cap, Sebastian Copeland transports us to the ends of the earth and invites us into his expeditions.

With his expedition partner, Copeland spent forty-three days crossing the Greenland ice sheet without outside support. In the process, he set a new world record for the longest distance traveled on kites and skis, covering 370 miles over one twenty-four-hour period. With the same partner, Copeland led the first east-to-west transcontinental crossing of Antarctica by skis and kites via two of its poles, setting three world records over the 2,500-mile, eighty-four-day expedition.

These polar regions are also the bellwether of the impacts of climate change, and Copeland’s stunning images galvanize our awareness of the threats of global warming and the need for conservation.
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