Sofia Coppola – Archive
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Sofia Coppola – Archive
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Archive is the first book by Sofia Coppola, covering the entirety of her singular and influential career in film. Constructed from Coppola’s personal collection of photographs and ephemera, including early development work, reference collages, influences, annotated scripts, and unseen behind-the-scenes documentation, it offers a detailed account of all eight of her films to date. Mapping a course from The Virgin Suicides (1999), through Lost in Translation (2003) and Marie Antoinette (2006), to The Beguiled (2017) and her upcoming feature Priscilla (fall 2023), exploring Priscilla Presley’s early years at Graceland, this luxurious volume reflects on one of the defining and most unmistakable cinematic oeuvres of the twenty-first century.

An art book personally edited and annotated throughout by Coppola, Archive offers an intimate encounter with her methods, references, and collaborators and an unprecedented insight into her working processes. Accompanying the highly personal images and texts from Coppola’s archive is an extended interview with renowned film journalist Lynn Hirschberg discussing the remarkable oeuvre they reflect.

Designed by Joseph Logan and Anamaria Morris

Lynn Hirschberg is the editor-at-large at W magazine. She had the same role at The New York Times Magazine and New York Magazine. She was a contributing editor/writer at Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. Her Emmy nominated video series, the Screen Tests, have won two webbies. She lives in New York City.
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Beiträge vonLynn Hirschberg
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