Jo Hambro – The Power of the Polaroid
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Jo Hambro – The Power of the Polaroid
Instantly Forever
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A polaroid is the physical and organic reminder of a particular moment, enabling the creative team to step back and fully consider the technical and artistic direction of a photoshoot. The excitement of watching the image slowly developing and seeing the final result makes the polaroid a tiny artwork all of its own.

For "The Power of the Polaroid: Instantly Forever", the renowned stylist Jo Hambro opens her picture archive and shows us some of her most innovative works from her thirty-year career. In this book, she showcases some of her vast personal records of polaroids taken from the fashion shoots she has worked on. Combined with her extraordinary notebooks, scribbles and sketches formulating the stories that each shoot is based on, (in which polaroids are an indispensable part), we are taken into the hidden world of fashion's creative process.
VerlagClearview Books
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Beiträge vonSir Elton John, David Furnish
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