Fashion Faux Parr
304 Seiten, 21 x 28,6 cm , 1650 g.
Fashion Faux Parr
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The first book dedicated to the fashion photography of renowned British photographer Martin Parr!

»Fashion Faux Parr« showcases Martin Parr’s collection of fashion photography for the first time in one book. More than 250 color images, many previously unpublished, explore a wide variety of fashion work, from editorial collaborations with major magazines and houses, including Vogue, Balenciaga, and Gucci, to candid photographs from behind the scenes at major fashion events and portraits of industry icons.

Two essays by influential fashion industry personalities Patrick Grant and Tabitha Simmons offer commentary on Parr’s unique view on the fashion world and set it within a wider context. This is the only book dedicated to Martin Parr’s highly original take on fashion, including both commissioned and personal photographs, as well as facsimiles of his published features in Vogue and other international fashion magazines.
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Beiträge vonPatrick Grant, Tabitha Simmons
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