David Hurn – Photographs 1955-2020
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David Hurn – Photographs 1955-2020
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RRB Photobooks are delighted to announce a new publication from influential British documentary photographer David Hurn. Starting in 1955 and spanning almost 70 years, this book encompasses the entirety of Hurn’s career, chronologically and in print for the first time.

David Hurn began as a self-taught photographer. Starting out in his early years as an assistant at Reflex Agency, he quickly became one of Britain’s leading reportage photographers through his work in documenting the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. His continued curiosity in the world around him led Hurn to become part of the British and American social revolution of the 1960s, photographing many iconic figures from film and music, including The Beatles, Sean Connery, and Jane Fonda. In 1967 he joined Magnum Photo agency as a full member.

As well as being internationally renowned for his photographic work, David Hurn is also famous for having set up the School for Documentary Photography in Newport, Wales. After leaving in 1989, Hurn eventually turned away from documentary photojournalism to create work with a more personal approach, which he still creates today from his home in Tintern, Wales.

Linking back to the title of Hurns first ever published monograph, »Photographs: 1955 – 2020«, compiles the best of his work; from his first photographs in London, to his long term projects in Wales, the United States, Hungary and everywhere in between. Throughout this extract of Hurn's incredible and varied career, we can see his continued curiosity and excitement for the subject spanning decades.
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