Bridget Riley – Paintings and Related Work
78 Seiten, 22,9 x 25,4 cm , 522 g.
Bridget Riley – Paintings and Related Work
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For 50 years Bridget Riley has been regarded as one of Britain's most important abstract artists, renowned for large paintings that feature complex, repetitive geometric shapes and undulating linear patterns. It is fascinating to discover that she sees her decidedly modern paintings as following in an Old Master pictorial tradition. This affinity stems from a lifelong passion for paintings in the National Gallery, London, with which she was first associated as a young student, and later as a Trustee and exhibiting artist.

This book celebrates the artist's long engagement with the National Gallery. The authors discuss the significance of paintings from the Gallery's collection that Riley chose for exhibition alongside her own works, and they explain how the fluid lines of Renaissance and Baroque paintings, together with their palette of ochres, salmon, greens, and light blues, translate into the abstracted shapes that appear in Riley's work. The authors also demonstrate how the techniques and methods of modern masters including Cézanne, Seurat, and Matisse exert an important influence on Riley's paintings.
VerlagNational Gallery London
Autor(en)Michael Bracewell, Marla Prather, Colin Wiggins
Museum / OrtNational Gallery, London
Artikel IDart-61723


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