Peter Doig
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Peter Doig
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Peter Doig has developed a highly distinctive approach to figurative painting and print-making that has seen him exhibited at major museums and galleries world wide and won him international acclaim.

Born in Edinburgh in 1959, raised in Canada, and based in London for two decades, he now lives in Trinidad. Though he has consistently engaged with a tradition of romantic realism, somewhat at odds with the prevailing mainstream, his work has, paradoxically had a deep influence on contemporary painting. Doig always paints from photographic sources: film stills, newspaper photos, postcards, album covers and a host of other randomly found images. He gives himself free rein to reinvent the image into grand and magical pictorial tableau. He has also taken inspiration from the changing environments and societies in which he has lived, from the ski-slopes and frozen lakes of his Canadian childhood, to the tropical landscapes of the Caribbean and the urban environment of London and Port of Spain.

This book features a contribution from leading art historian and critic Richard Shiff, as well as a revealing conversation between Doig and British artist Chris Ofili. Over 60 major paintings are reproduced, as well as a comprehensive collection of works on paper.
HerausgeberJudith Nesbitt
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonRichard Shiff
Museum / OrtTate Britain, London
Artikel IDart-63896


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