Erik Kessels – The Many Lives of Erik Kessels
576 Seiten, 13,3 x 22 cm , 1172 g.
Erik Kessels – The Many Lives of Erik Kessels
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The Many Lives of Erik Kessels presents the highly anticipated first illustrated survey of this pioneering and influential curator, editor, and artist whose varied experiments with photography and photographic archives have allowed us to reconsider the medium’s vernacular and narrative possibilities in today’s inundated image landscape. “People consume photographs,” says Kessels, “they don’t look at them anymore.”

This volume is a primer on how to look—and how to better understand the hybrid practice of this artist who defies categorization. Including more than twenty of the artist’s series and features essays by Simon Baker, Hans Aarsman, and curator Francesco Zanot, The Many Lives of Erik Kessels is published in conjunction with a major mid-career retrospective at Camera: Italian Centre for Photography in Turin, Italy.
EinbandartFester Einband
Beiträge vonFrancesco Zanot, Hans Aarsman, Simon Baker et al.
Museum / OrtCamera, Turin
Artikel IDart-23978


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