Francesca Woodman – On Being an Angel
232 Seiten, 17,5 x 23 cm , 848 g.
Francesca Woodman – On Being an Angel
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The American photographer Francesca Woodman created a body of fascinating photographic works in a few intense years before her premature death. Her oeuvre has been the object of numerous in-depth studies and major exhibitions in recent years, and her photographs have inspired artists all over the world.

Woodman’s photographs explore gender, representation, sexuality and body. Her production includes several self-portraits, using herself and her friends as models. The figures are often placed behind furniture and other interior elements; occasionally, the images are blurred in such a way that their identity is hidden from the viewer. The intimate nature of the subject matter is enhanced by the small formats. Woodman worked in unusual settings such as derelict buildings, using mirrors and glass to evoke surrealist and occasionally claustrophobic moods.
HerausgeberAnna Tellgren
VerlagWalther König
EinbandartFester Einband
Museum / OrtModerna Museet, Stockholm
Artikel IDart-29016


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