Peter Hujar – A la velocidad de la vida
248 Seiten, 24,8 x 28,6 cm , 1560 g.
Peter Hujar – A la velocidad de la vida
Speed of Life (Spanish edition)
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Peter Hujar was a leading figure of the downtown New York scene of the 1970s and ’80s. He is most well-known for his portraits of New York City’s artists, musicians, writers, and performers, which feature characters such as Susan Sontag, William S. Burroughs, David Wojnarowicz, and Andy Warhol, and was admired for his completely uncompromising attitude toward work and life.

Hujar was a consummate technician, and his portraits of people, animals, and landscapes, with their exquisite black-and-white tonalities, were extremely influential. Underappreciated during his lifetime, Hujar is now a revered icon of the lost downtown art scene, and his photographs are held in permanent collections around the world. Over 160 photographs are gathered in Peter Hujar: Speed of Life.

Published alongside a major touring exhibition, this collection presents Hujar’s famous portraiture as well as his lesser-known projects. Accompanied by texts by Joel Smith, Philip Gefter and Steve Turtell, this survey provides a thorough history of Hujar’s life and artistic practice.
VerlagFundación Mapfre
Beiträge vonJoel Smith, Philip Gefter, Steve Turtell, Martha Scott Burton
Museum / OrtFundación Mapfre, Madrid
Artikel IDart-61285
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