Thomas Demand – House of Card
448 Seiten, 21 x 27,5 cm , 1050 g.
Thomas Demand – House of Card
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Published on the occasion of a major solo exhibition of Thomas Demand’s work at Belgium museum M Leuven in October 2020, this book focuses on Demand’s relationship to architecture and his engagement with architects over almost fifteen years. The starting point is his ongoing series ‘Model Studies’, in which the concept of the model itself is key, and includes rarely show projects such as Black Label (2009), Embassy (2007), and Nagelhaus (2008).

The book is accompanied by essays from Adam Caruso (Architect and Professor of Architecture and Construction at the ETH Zurich) Maristella Casciato (Curator of Architecture, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles) and Emily Pugh (Architectural historian, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles), Aude-Line Dulière (Architect and Professor at the Architectural Association, London), Karen Van Godtsenhoven (Associate curator at the Fashion Institute, Metropolitan Museum, New York), and Valerie Verhack (Curator at M Leuven).
VerlagMACK Books
Beiträge vonArno Brandlhuber, Rirkrit Tiravanija
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